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Beatrice Buzzella

Class 1971.
Practicing lawyer since 2002.
Beatrice Buzzella gained her degree with honours at Pavia University in 1997 with her thesis on European competition law.
She has always had an inclination highly facilitated by her knowledge of English and French and a fondness of all the branches of law connected to companies life, such as Commercial law (litigation, credit collection in Italy and abroad; national and international agreements ; real estate sales/purchases; agency and distribution; insolvency and bankruptcy; enforcement of judgements and executions), Corporate law (shareholders litigation; director's liability; shareholders and directors minutes) and Employment/labour law (only from employer's side, employment agreements; terminations; labour litigation; disciplinary measures; negotiations with trade unions).

Beatrice is a lawyer who strongly believes in pre-judicial legal counselling aimed at preventing litigation. She firmly deems the success of a company can also be put down to proper - from a legal standpoint - commercial, corporate and employment dealings.

She has attended masters, conventions and courses among which:

in 2003: Cegos, course on international agreements;

in 2004: Cegos, MASTER on in-house legal counselling; Cegos, course on data protection (privacy); Cegos, course on negotiations with trade unions; Cegos, course on credit collection;

in 2005: Paradigma, convention on Corporate liability in case of criminal offence (D.Lgs 231/2001); Paradigma, course on insolvency and bankruptcy;

in 2006: Istituto Internazionale di Ricerca, course on insurance policies; IlSole24Ore, course on sales and purchasing agreements and international agreements;

in 2007: Paradigma, course on the new Italian law on insolvency and bankruptcy;

in 2008: ADR Center course on negotiation;

in 2009: Euroconference on financial statements;

in 2010: Paradigma how to protect Made In in Italy and Europe;

in 2011: Paradigma on safety at work after the verdict Thyssen and Euroconference on assignment of stock and agreements among shareholders.

Beatrice fluently speaks English (certified by a grade of 630 in the TOEFL in 1991 at the Florida International University of Miami and by the Certificate of Proficiency in English in Cambridge, and by numerous one-to-one courses in English speaking countries) and French (taken several one-to-one courses in France).

Tagliaferri e Associati
Via Boldori,18 - 26013 Crema (CR)
Via Garibaldi, 4 - 26900 Lodi
P.I. 01558860191
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