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The Law Firm Tagliaferri and Associates was founded with the aim to give the best legal aid to its clients, both natural persons and companies.
The Law Firm offers the top professional help especially in the pre-judicial phase, where the client needs to freely express its concerns in order to get the legal counselling necessary to make the correct choice.

It is possible to sum up in a few basic principles all the aims that the Law Firm pursues:

  • top personalization of legal strategies so that every client may face its dispute being sure that all the aspects are confronted;
  • care of the client's rights, sometimes even when they have not yet received a legal recognition;
  • choice of the best possible legal strategy that can combine the client's needs with the necessity of reaching the target in the quickest time frame;
  • attention to the economic aspects of the dispute, in order to avoid that the client's targets have a lower economic value compared to the total legal fees to be borne.

Facing every judicial or extrajudicial dispute by keeping in mind all these principles, means optimizing the lawyer's work and increases the chances to reach the targets. With regards to criminal offences, proceedings are thoroughly followed, by taking into consideration also the psychological impact on the client; each case is examined under the client's active supervision and participation to every phase of the inquiry in order to understand all aspects of the case and consequently take the best decisions together with its lawyer.

Tagliaferri e Associati
Via Boldori,18 - 26013 Crema (CR)
Via Garibaldi, 4 - 26900 Lodi
P.I. 01558860191
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