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Commercial law: litigation, credit collection in Italy and abroad; national and international agreements; real estate sales/purchases; agency and distribution; insolvency and bankruptcy; enforcement of judgements and executions.

Corporate law: shareholders litigations; director's liability; shareholders and directors minutes.

Employment/Labour law: : employment agreements; terminations; labour litigations; disciplinary measures; negotiations with trade unions.

Contract liability/Tort liability : medical liability of doctors and hospitals; car accidents; product liability.

Family law: separations and divorces; de facto families; child fostering.

Criminal law: counselling for the defence against criminal offences such as manslaughter, murder, personal injuries, thefts in general, robberies, trespassing, drunken driving, drugs related offences, tax and corporate offences.

Law of the road: objection to fines

Corporate liability in case of criminal offence (D.Lgs 231/2001): ): drawing up of codes of conduct and corporate policy, after scrutiny of the company.

Privacy (D.Lgs 196/2003): drawing up of a data protection policy, after scrutiny of the company.

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